Choosing the perfect veil length!

The wedding veil is the ultimate bridal accessory; it’s the one and only accessory that screams bride!

This iconic accessory has the magic to completely transform a look, stir up those feeling of romance and often leaves us reminiscing about those sweet, childhood play dates with friends, that involved marrying our prince charming and waltzing down the aisle to our happy every after.

With an endless list of veil lengths, choosing the right one it can be a daunting prospect! Thankfully, we are here to help!

The length of veil you choose will be dependent on two things, the wedding setting and the length of your dresses train. A traditional church setting suits the dramatic, cathedral length veil whilst a more informal setting will lend itself to a more chic, shorter veil like the bandeau or the elbow length veil.

A long veil can lengthen your bridal look whilst a short veil can add interest and focus to the top of your dress. As a general rule of thumb, the longer the veil, and the more formal the wedding! Other than that it is completely a matter of your personal style and any preferences you may have.

A great tip to remember is to always make sure the veil extends past the train of your dress! Here are the most popular choices of lengths available. Each of these veils is available to purchase on our website or by emailing us to For those brides wanting something completely unique, why not opt for our bespoke service and allow us to design your veil to meet your specific requirements.  We would love to hear from you!