5 reasons why you should wear a garter on your wedding day.

October 04, 2020 2 min read

5 reasons why you should wear a garter on your wedding day.

If you have just got engaged you may be wondering if you should or even need to wear a garter on your wedding day. 

Its a lovely tradition that has stood the test of time and here is 5 wonderful reasons why you absolutely should wear one. 

1. Tradition

The tradition of wearing a garter originates from the belief that the brides dress or garments worn on her wedding day would bring good luck! This lead to the creation of the wedding garter which could be tossed and whoever caught the garter would receive an abundance of good luck. 

bride wearing a lace wedding garter

chanel leaf garter

2. Fun 

Wearing a garter is optional but it can be a sexy and fun addition to your wedding night! It's the chance to wear a piece of clothing you wouldn't usually wear plus your groom will love it!

bride wearing a lace wedding garter

vivienne lace garter

3. Sentiment

Many brides embrace the garter tradition, keeping this tradition alive and passing on a custom from one generation to the another that has such meaning is a beautiful thing!

lace wedding garter with handwritten note

chanel leaf garter

4. Family heirlooms

Garters make the perfect wedding day keepsakes, small enough that they can be easily stored away but meaningful enough that you will never throw them away!

Beautiful mementos like these soon become family heirlooms so why not be the first in your family to begin a sentimental family tradition, after all whats not to love about meaningful keepsakes. 

heirloom gold leaf garter

4. Your something blue

Wearing a blue garter or adding a touch of blue to your garter is the perfect way to a little 

'something old, something new , something borrowed , something blue'.

blue ruffle garter

So I would love to know will you be embracing the wedding garter tradition? 

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