EDITORIAL: The Three Graces

November 5, 2018


Featured today on The White Wren is this stunning editorial, enjoy!  


A word from photographer Jacqueline Whitton of Jacqueline Anne Photography:


“My theme was hinged around the story of The Three Graces. When living in Rome I would spend hours at this little restaurant that housed old works of art and sculptures by Antonio Canova. His work in the artistic world at the time was revered; by 1800 he was the most celebrated artist in Europe, and he gained such a following that his atelier was constantly full with commissions. One of his most prominent works of art was Le Tre Grazie (or The Three Graces).


The story goes that these women were the daughters of Zeus, and each represented a virtue in life; elegance, youth and joy. They inspired many renaissance artists as they were said to have presided over banquets, delighting the guests.


We really wanted to showcase some show-stopper dress designs that Katrina Tuttle Bridal has lined up for her next season’s collection, but I also wanted to make sure this was captured in a minimalistic, yet lavish manner. So wine was served in modern glassware, fresh fruit items, beautiful bread, artisan products and so on.


Megan from Megan Therese Couture handcrafted each diadem for the occasion – looking to Renaissance works of art for her inspiration featuring Mary Magdelena; which elevated the style, creating a modern goddess feel. We had fun with combining rich and muted colours together, the palest of blues against vibrant oranges, reds and yellows. Juxtaposed against white, we opted for gold accents to tie the theme together and bring a sense of opulence to the session.”